Project Description



Date: 2020
Type: Conceptual Design
Site: New York, U.S.
Status: Online

This prototype of densification with overlapping use of public and private could produce a richer notion of the city owned spaces as multi-fuctional that are only differiated by programmatic temporality and sovereignty, three issues which we tried to remediate within the chosen sites are housing, parking, and the improvement of the playground residue into a focused and intentional space. This allows us to imagine how the densification of program could generate an incubator of urbanity that could play to promote simply exercise and active play, interelated program and use, overlapping multifunctional spaces that starts to address issues such as New York’s housing crisis or supporting the city food program. This is the inclusion of the multitude of agencies and forces and direct that momentum into and its desire is not dictated by any one overriding force.