Project Description

ATTEMPT JULU 旗舰店-自我探寻与认知重构

Date: 2023
Type: Retail
Site: Shanghai, China
Status: Completed


“Restraint is freedom, and contradiction is rationality.” ATTEMPT, an independent fashion brand, encourages a pluralistic way of life within the rules, which means facing oneself, breaking the routine and exploring more possibilities at present. SLT was invited to build the flagship retail space on Julu Road in Shanghai, which has a long history and a young atmosphere. The site of this case is a lane style building facing the street, with an opening of 5 meters and a depth of 15 meters, with a total of 4 floors. The depth direction is divided into three sections, of which the middle section is composed of an atrium and a traffic staircase, and each half floor is connected with a floor interlayer. The basic design point of SLT is to maintain the style of the block with minimum intervention. Inspired by the awakening and reconstruction of self-consciousness, SLT translates the costume design techniques such as repetition, change, deconstruction and reorganization used by ATTEMPT into concrete space language. A series of space scenes of “buffer”, “exposure”, “shuttle” and “spiral” are connected in series through concise lines, breaking the strong sense of depth of the building, while depicting a narrative space with a balance between chaos and order. The visitor perceives the change of light and shade from low to high while moving, and obtains the complete experience from self-consciousness awakening to self-cognitive reorganization.