Project Description

好利来×Rick and Morty快闪店

Date: 2023
Type: Pop-up Store
Site: Chengdu, China
Status: Completed

SLT 与好利来品牌再度携手,打造《瑞克和莫蒂 Rick and Morty》联名主题快闪空间,基于科幻怪诞的风格和脑洞大开的IP设定,共同构建空间叙事的趣味场景……现实扭曲,纬度闪转,在虚实之间,甜品宇宙限时开启!

SLT cooperates with Holiland again to create a pop-up space with the theme of Rick and Morty. Based on the grotesque style of science fiction and the IP setting of brainstorming, the interesting scenes of space narrative are constructed together. Reality distortion, latitude flash, between the virtual and the real, the dessert universe opens in a limited time!


Rick’s Garage has become an anchor area connecting virtual animation with real time and space. Strange settings such as falling spaceships, damaged walls and experimental vessels are embodied as landmarks in space, waiting for mysterious exploration and fantasy beyond the story.

而维度的叠加与转接是SLT实现奇幻破壁的着力点。扁平化的人物角色穿插设置于立体场景中,悬浮于镜面之上的3D“暗液”在转角处动态转化为2D形态,不经意的反射使整个Holiland Universe呈现出一种虚无与非真实性,一场远离现实的感官沉浸式冒险就此展开。

The superposition and transfer of dimensions are the key points for SLT to achieve fantastic immersive experience. The flat characters are interspersed in the three-dimensional scene, and the 3D dark matter liquid suspended on the mirror is dynamically transformed into 2D form at the corner. The inadvertent reflection makes the whole Holiland Universe present a kind of non-reality, and a sensory immersion adventure far from reality begins.