Project Description

LadyM 西湖店湖滨银泰

Date: 2018
Type: Cake Boutique
Site: Xihu, Hangzhou, China
Status: Completed

Lady M is proud to reveal its new flagship location, on the shore of the legendary West Lake in Hangzhou. A modern composition on the theme of “arches by the water”, the design of this new store invites guests to embark on a journey through a succession of spaces delineated by elegant, asymmetrical curves which channel both Chinese garden design and the charm of European water towns.

The first level greets visitors in a monumental space that focuses attention on the central counter where the intricate confections are displayed. Above, on the mezzanine level which rises through the exterior tree canopy, smaller, more intimate areas are separated by rounder, more human-scale arches for quieter dining. Finally, on the uppermost floor that oversees the West Lake, larger arches make the higher seating area a special event, channeling the majestic view of the natural scenery by rising like mist from the water’s surface.

A tribute to the rich cosmopolitan and composite design language of the region, Lady M’s Arcges by the West Lake aim to enhance the sweet, gastronomic experience through variations on a readable design language which bridges old and young, traditional and new, all in a setting of breathtaking beauty.