Project Description


Date: 2021
Type: Underwear shop
Site: Shanghai, China
Status: Completed

“看见并认同自身之美,欣赏每个她的真实多元之美,彼此鼓励,不吝赞美,共同在女性集体中传递力量。”NEIWAI内外是一个专注舒适内衣、家居服和运动服饰的生活方式品牌,以追求舒适、质感、设计及自我主张的女性为主要人群。STUDIOLITE(SLT)受到品牌委托打造其全新的旗舰店形象,通过将女性身体灵动的轮廓与线条赋予空间的不同纬度,以此将内外鼓励女性多元之美的品牌主张具象化,塑造出一个关注女性自我表达与情感共鸣的全新线下零售空间。 店铺场地为200多平米的L形空间,位于上海静安嘉里中心。空间的超大展示面围绕柱体展开,通过打开店铺前场模糊了既定边界,让商场公区与店铺自然过渡。 入口中心区域的曲面矮墙起到了流线组织和功能划分的作用。墙面渐高的一侧所遮挡的区域为私密的内衣产品区与试衣间,矮墙中心围合着家居服和成衣展示系列,契合着品牌由内而外的层次递进。整体空间用大块面的色彩过渡来积极回应女性的肤色多元之美,内衣自带私密感,因此选用令人感到舒适与亲切的浅色;成衣区则采用了凸显女性生活魅力的中性色调,真实优雅;暖色调应用于运动区,展现健康与活力。在试衣间设计上,为了给予女性更多的安全感,完善试衣体验,设计师选用了双层帘幕,这样可以为顾客提供充分的隐秘度和包裹感。Essential自助选购区采用模组化的系统设计,匹配产品包装的尺码,达到货品陈列的零售效率与密度的要求。空间道具与墙体组成了整家店的“解构”概念,灵感来自于人类身体的轮廓,将动态的曲线赋予静态的物理实体,制造不经意间的差异美学,增强空间记忆点的同时也增加了空间的起伏感。灯光设计上,设计师运用了灯膜、线条灯和射灯做为点线面光源,通过控制编程系统,打造不同色彩以及动态氛围的零售空间。

“To see and recognize one’s own beauty, to appreciate each other’s true and diverse beauty, to encourage each other, to praise each other, and to spread the power of women together.” NEIWAI is a lifestyle brand focusing on comfortable underwear, home wear and sports wear, with women who pursue comfort, texture, design and self-assertion as the main crowd. Studiolite (SLT) was commissioned by the brand to create its new flagship store image. By giving different latitude to the space with the dynamic contours and lines of women’s bodies, Studiolite (SLT) embodies the brand idea of encouraging women’s diverse beauty inside and outside, and creates a new offline retail space that focuses on women’s self-expression and emotional resonance.

The space of the store is more than 200 square meters of L-shaped space, located in Shanghai Jing ‘an Kerry Center. The large display surface of the space is spread out around the column, and the established boundary is blurred by opening the front of the store, allowing a natural transition between the mall public area and the store. The curved low wall in the central area of the entrance serves as a streamline organization and functional division. The area that one side place keeps out of metope gradually high is intimate underwear product area and fitting room, the center of low wall is surrounded close home clothing and ready-made clothes to show a series, agree with the brand by inside and outside the level progresses step by step. The overall space with large surface color transition to actively respond to the beauty of women’s diverse skin color, underwear comes with a sense of privacy, so choose a comfortable and friendly light color; Ready-to-wear area uses a neutral color to highlight the charm of women’s life, real and elegant; Warm colors are applied to the sports area to show health and vitality. In terms of the design of the fitting room, in order to give women more sense of security and improve the fitting experience, the designer chooses a double-layer curtain, which can provide customers with sufficient privacy and wrapping sense. The modular system design is adopted in the Essential self-service shopping area to match the size of product packaging and meet the requirements of retail efficiency and density of product display. Space props and walls constitute the “deconstruction” concept of the whole store, which is inspired by the contours of the human body. Dynamic curves are endowed with static physical entities, creating an aesthetic difference inadvertently, enhancing the memory points of the space and increasing the sense of ups and downs of the space. In terms of lighting design, the designer uses lamp film, line lamp and spotlights as point, line and surface light sources. Through the control programming system, the retail space with different colors and dynamic atmosphere is created.