Project Description


Date: 2018
Type: Theoretical Product Design
Site: Online
Status: Completed


STUDIOLITE is proud to unveil a series of products specially designed for AUDI!


Based on Audi’s iconic headlight design, these three new futuristic products aim to revolutionize their respective markets. Taking cues from Audi’s own design team, we did our best to express the brand’s forward thinking, and progressive technology-based identity



First is an elegant standing lamp for sophisticated, modern interiors. Based on the Audi Q7, this discrete piece of lighting marries both the technology-based design Audi is known for with beautiful, home living.



Second is a programmable light fixture based on the Audi A8L headlight, designed especially for interior decoration. The lights can be controlled wirelessly for endless color or atmosphere changes, and combined to fit any surface. The light wall can also be linked to your audiovisual systems for awesome real-time visualization.



Finally, the third product is a revolutionary piece of wearable technology based around the A4L headlights: Audi Smartglass. These sleek eyeglasses integrate high definition 3D cameras and holographic technology into a versatile yet discrete piece of wearable hardware for all your contemporary, networked needs. From instant messaging to GPS and photography, the Audi Smartglass does it all, and can even serve as illumination thanks to proprietary, innovative holographic technology.



These three products, which are the result of a long, fruitful collaboration with Audi, are now available for purchase on Taobao and JD Audi’s Flagstore! Head there now to purchase a futuristic product designed by STUDIOLITE!