Project Description

JASON WU 全新空间形象

Date: 2023
Type: Retail
Site: Chengdu,China
Status: Completed

“I create clothes for women who are not only fiercely fashionable, but also own their power and femininity.”

美国华裔设计师品牌JASON WU自2007年创立以来,始终用艺术对话时装,热衷于凝结多元女性力量,以时装表达自信无畏的女性气质,沉淀出品牌的优雅深韵。SLT受邀为JASON WU打造其大陆全新品牌空间形象。

Since its establishment of Jason Wu in 2007 by a Chinese-American designer, the brand has consistently engaged in a dialogue with fashion through art, devoted to capturing the multifaceted strength of women. It expresses a confident and fearless feminine essence in its fashion, conveying the refined elegance that characterize the brand. SLT was invited to craft an entirely fresh brand space for JASON WU in China.


The first store is situated within the International Finance Square in Chengdu. The fluidity of the curved walls delicately embraces the space, creating a naturally open and expansive store layout. The gentle curves extend and flow, evoking an inherent rhythm in the undulating space. Thoughts follow the change of gaze, exploring inward and expanding outward.

SLT将品牌秀场中反复出现的立体花朵和特殊廓形抽象为柔性而富有张力的几何形体,将思绪绽放的瞬间定格于空间各处,构建出映射内心世界的“精神花园”。轻质片状造型墙、弧面岛台、曲型挂杆等元素作为媒介串联视点,形成自由流动的空间序列。此间漫步,JASON WU的高雅叙事与浪漫写意徐徐铺展。

SLT translates the recurring three-dimensional flowers and distinctive contours from the brand’s runway shows into flexible and potent geometric forms. Moments of blossoming thoughts are captured throughout the space, establishing a “spiritual garden” that mirrors the inner world. Elements such as lightweight panel-shaped walls, and curved countertops and hanging rods connect viewpoints, creating a freely flowing spatial sequence. As one strolls through this space, JASON WU’s elegance and romance gradually unfold.